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Noob with IBS-U (unspecified)


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Hi…new to IBS since January 22 although I’ve had intolerances most of my life. I had what we used to call a “nervous breakdown” after I discontinued taking Prozac. I had terrible withdrawal symptoms (heart palpitations, insomnia, dizziness,  mood swings). Then my anxiety peaked in JAN worse than I’d ever experienced and that month I had a 2-week attack of abdominal pain. Started talking to an online therapist for two months then had a month long IBS attack in April,saw gastroenterologist, had colonoscopy (normal), and continue with FODMAP with limited success. Looking for advice and positivity that this can be controlled. Thank you! 

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Jeffrey Roberts

I'm sorry to read that you had such a rough year. Discontinuing SSRI medications is an incredibly difficult experience.

It's good that you were able to see a gastroenterologist and had a scope to rule out anything else. You seem to be describing pain as your primary symptom. Are you having diarrhea or constipation with that? If so it the pain relieved by a bowel movement?

I can't say I recommend medication to try and manage this as you stopped one already. Other treatments are prescription cognitive behavioral therapy or prescription hypnotherapy. Both are available via apps for specific states.

CBT: Mahana Therapeutics (FDA approved) or Zemedy (no prescription required)

Hypnotherapy: Regulora (FDA approved) or Healthy Audio - IBS Audio Program 100 (no prescription required)


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