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Finding my control

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For years, I was treated as if I have D-predominant IBS, never finding any relief because everything I was instructed to do made things worse, it would seem. On a whim, last year, I started treating myself as if I am C-predominant. I always sort of suspected, because the diarrhea only seemed to follow a long pause (days) between stools and usually was real hard stool followed by full blown liquid. 

My issue was described as a hyperactive gastrocolic reflex causing the urgent runs to the RR after eating. I can agree that is the case because if I eat slightly more than it can handle, I get a nasty reaction. I definitely don't agree with D-predominant IBS.

I have been following this routine religiously for almost 6 months and not one single episode of urgency, constant feeling of calm in my intestines and don't fear car rides or social events anymore. I seem to have started living. We truly must find what works for us because I think providers have their hands pretty tied with trying to cure our lot.

Now, what I do may not be right for someone else, and you have to find your safe approach--always check with your doctor and make sure it's ok for your body.  But, this is what I do and it works like a freakin' charm! This is not a claim for cure, just my story of relief.

Every night, I take the following at dinner time (about 5-6PM):

  • Magnesium glycinate 200 mg x 2 capsules
  • 1 probiotic 
  • 1 Citrucel tablet
  • 4 oz prune juice

Guaranteed....within 3 hours, 2-3 trips to the restroom to produce a meaningful stool and the entire next day free of any symptoms, whatsoever. Stool every day and keeps the tract moving things forward. 

I feel for every one of you who suffer the debilitating symptoms of this nasty disorder. I have been there time and again. Just enjoying my current situation. 



I wanted to share my success (hoping it sticks, but geez...6 months of freedom feels like a lifetime), show that there is hope for a little relief. I will probably start dabbling with cutting the mag in half and see what happens. I can always return to what's working.

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Jeffrey Roberts

Thank you for sharing what has worked for you. It's so obvious now, but hard to see that you actually might have been IBS-C rather than IBS-D. I have heard doctors describe some patients like this. Constipated-constipated... and then diarrhea followed by constipated-constipated... and the cycle repeats.

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Absolutely! This is a crazy disorder, with some afflicted only for a moment in time due to trauma and then those who never find relief. Providers can do just so much once they establish that we don't have a 'life threatening" illness. The rest is really up to us to see what works.

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