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Started having ibs since one month was diagnosed a few weeks ago and struggle a lot as i suffer from eating disorder dince more than 10 years and it triggers it even more

Leïla molié

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Hello, Ive been diagnosed with ibs also i have a lot of others health issue im suffering from dince a long time that makes dealing with ibs too difficult and scary to me. First the fact I cant go out because of my social phobia severe anxiety and body dysmorphia makes it too hard to see doctors i can see doctor coming at my appart luckily my doctor is supposed to come on monday and she will make a letter so i can see a specialist a gastro doc. Problem of course is seeing the specialist would need to me to go out at the hospital but i will see how things will go one stress at a time i see my doc at my appart monday to start. 

The pain since one month, unusual because ive been having lot of pain to my belly and digestive system since i suffer from eating disorder (anorexia and bulimia) since 10 years but never like this, this is why despite my social phobia and anxiety i had to call the emergency i saw one doc two times from the elergency then managed with courage to call my doctor too in fear she will ask me to come but i had her on phone znd on video once and like i said she will come on monday. 

Honestly its terribly hard as alimentation and food was already a torture for me because if my eating disorder and this makes it even more difficult and scary, the fear of the pain and even more bloating triggers my anorexia and makes eating evrn more difficuly. I almost dont eat and push away the time to eat.  Yesterday evrning i had to eat one and a half boil carrot during the night because i was feelint yoo dizzy from not eating but i was scared it could possibly hurts as im just starting to be adviced by the doctors and whrn making research too i was even more discouraged as food that triggers pain can vary from one perdon to another do i end up in a fear that potentially any food could trigger it. And as my anorexia already makes me unable to eat a lot lot of food now im even scared to eat food my anorexia allows me to eat. 

Also ifk if its important to mention but im also bloated and get cramps with my empty stomach i noticed as i spend long period with eating but eating makes it more more painful and hard to handle.  The one and half carrot went ok i think as i still was boating and getting cramps but i feel it was the same as when i was on empty stomach. 

The doctor to start with prescribed probiotic i started yesterday adviced me what food to eat (boiled veggies like carrot potatoes green beans, grilled meat and fish, bananas, apple sauce, rice) my mom goot so mad at me because there are food im scared to eat or cant eat like she wanted too buy me burger steak to grilled but thats something i dont manage to eat also the white rice is complicated as my mind only allows whole wheat cereals, yes i have a lot of food phobia and tooo hard to handle as here since many years, also my mind allow myself to eat fish but it get me very nauseous lately as when im in restriction certain food makes me nauseous eggs are part if it too but i hope in the future i could try it tho.. 

I write here in the hope to get little advices or even supportive words as im really not handling well, its ridiculous but i even self harmed to think less about my cramps and pain, self harming is a habit and addiction i had since very long and when i font know how to handle the pain i often do it desperatly hoping to relieve myself, tho usually i do it to reliece myself from mental pain and not physical pain like here. So it relieves on the moment but i cant self harm non stop and i know its not a solution or good. 

Spasfon and paracetamol doesnt calm the pain at all ive started meteospasmil since 2 days it doesnt seem to relieve it either but i keep taking it in hope it does

Sorry for my bad english as im french but was hoping for maybe more possibilities of feedback and help here

If you have any question about what i wrote dont hesitate to ask, im very thankful for any advice, im not asking for medical help here but more advice from someone familiar with ibs and advice about their experience and all 

Thank you so much for reading

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Jeffrey Roberts

Bonjour Leïla,

I have read your your posting. I'm very sorry to read that you are having such terrible abdominal pain that is new. Dealing with anorexia and bulimia is very difficult and very complicated. I understand that you have abdominal pain whether you eat or don't eat. That seems to be something that a lot of people who have anorexia suffer from; however, if this new abdominal pain is also causing other symptoms like black stools or constipation, nausea and vomiting that is new or blood tests which are abnormal, than you have to try and convince someone that this isn't the usual pain.

I also understand your fear of speaking to doctors. Your situation sounds like you do need to consult with doctors as it is going to be very hard to manage the abdominal pain while also dealing with anorexia and bulimia.

I hear from a lot of people who are in a similar situation as you. There is no easy way to treat this. Usually a psychiatrist that understands how the digestive system works is the best person to prescribe something that will help with the usual abdominal pain and help with your thoughts related to anorexia and bulimia.

I am here to help talk through anything. Please let me know how I can help.


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