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Things ok to eat with ibs? I struggle eating as i started having ibs and it triggers my anorexia and fear of eating

Leïla molié

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Because i was in light hypoglycemia (0,59) and was feeling too unwell due to struggling a lot eating(because ibs makes it hard and also triggers more my anorexia) I tried eating a little but with worry

Right now, because i was shaking too much feeling dizzy and really weak, i tried eating some green beans with a little bit of carrots and potato, all this was boiled then put in the oven not to eat it cold as my body is really cold

I also added a little bit of thyme and salt as its supposed to be ok to digest i read online

My mom wants me to eat an sugar free Apple sauce she brought me btw becauseshe is worried, my worry is, is fructose ok? Do you think it can triggers bad pain? 

Im struggling more and more to eat as my ibs makes my anorexia very present ( i suffer from anorexia and bulimia since iver 10 years, ibs started rencently since 1 month)

Any food you would be sure are ok and would not trigger pain to suggest?

I have a lot of food my anorexia makes impossible for my mind to handle eating so dont hesitate to give the more example possible

Thank you so much for any help 

I hope someone respond im so tired please help

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Jeffrey Roberts

I truly understand the difficulty you are having with food. Anorexia is a very serious condition. A Dietitian is really the best person to work with to work in order to increase your appetite and find foods that don't aggravate you. Anorexia itself causes the digestive system to move very slowly which causes a lot of abdominal pain, bloating, constipation and a general feeling of illness. It's a tough situation.

You could look at the Monash University FODMAP application to identify foods high in FODMAP. That's not to say that you should eliminate those foods high in FODMAP. You have to determine how much of each food you can tolerate.

Apple sauce is gentle yet it can cause bloating and a looser stool in some people. If you are struggling with constipation then it might be okay for you.

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