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Stress Caused Stomach Issues are ruining my life and I know what causes them...


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I have been dealing with this issue for over 15 years now. I can't have a steady relationship, I can't go on dates much, it's also affected my life in doing things like travelling, socializing and more. 

How it starts: Whenever I am out of control of a situation that has minor stress that puts me out of my element such as knowing I have to sit in a car, airplane for long periods of time, going on a date which when I get anxiety it immediately triggers my stomach to hurt to where I feel like I have to keep using the bathroom, being in a tattoo chair or dentist office chair...basically any situation I put myself in where I have to explain myself and lose control of the situation it floods on. Literally as soon as I'm OUT of that element it literally floods away and leaves and my stomach no longer hurts anymore. I have noticed myself not normally using the restroom like others do and find myself scared to have any type or normal life now. I've seeked no treatment for this still. Does anyone relate to this?

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Jeffrey Roberts

Hi Tony916,

I can certainly relate to your situation. I have had similar triggers. Simply pushing through them often turns out for me to not be as bad as I had envisioned.

I have used Cognitive Behaviour Therapy (CBT) to learn how to better cope in these situations. The FDA has recently approved a CBT app for IBS. There is also a new Hypnotherapy app that could also work to change your thoughts to help you cope in these situations.

It's not easy to change; however, with support you can try and tame the anxiety so you can start living a more normal life.

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Hi Tony916,

I relate to your description about feeling out of control and then anxious, and then ...IBS hits!

Took me a while to figure out what was going on with the panic/anxiety I feel when I fly, sit in a concert, dentist chair [as you say, any situation where you can't just get up and walk out.]   During CBT for the flying phobia, the word Claustrophia came up. It's a big part of the trapped feeling, for me.

CBT actually helped me be able to get on a plane, but at least as important, it stopped the months of anticipatory anxiety that went on before a trip, which kept me in a moderate state of IBS until I got on the plane. By then I was weak with having dealt with the anxiety and IBS symptoms.

 I'm also going to look at the Hypnotherapy app that Jeffrey mentions.  Breathing techniques and meditation - any kind - might help in the moment as well. Good luck.

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