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I have. I wrote something in the medications section of my experience so far. So now to the fun part, do not pay $1500. That  actually sounds like the insurance rate or good rx price. The actual cash price was a bit higher. There is a manufacturer coupon online, but you need to get it covered first. I don't care how high the copay, the coupon seems really good and should cover it. If you need a prior authorization, find out the requirements. Some insurance will just need your doctor to say the other medicines didn't work. Others, you may have to fill certain ones under the plan first.

Aside from that, my doctor said the company will give you a months worth for free. I'm not sure how that works but look online, make calls, and then your doctors office needs to do the rest or at least give you the prescription.  It may be worth looking into.

The high price tag makes me curious. Are they giving it away so we may end up paying for it? Does it even out if some people pay, and others get it for free?

Anyway, there are options to getting it for free, at least to try it.


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