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What happens if you get diarrhea in space?

Jeffrey Roberts

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Jeffrey Roberts

This is something that I hadn't really thought of. Looks like having IBS doesn't preclude you from becoming an astronaut.


Astronauts (both real and fictional) have to deal with a whole range of poop problems. 



“There are a lot of folks who have issues,” he says. “One thing I remember from my medical training is that the only ‘normal’ person just hasn’t been evaluated enough.” In most cases, he says, he and other members of the medical team simply endeavor to give the astronaut candidate the medical care they need to take care of the problem. 

In fact, even the healthiest astronauts might find themselves as focused on their bowel movements as most IBS sufferers are on the ground. The ISS generally houses six or seven international crew members at a time (though it’s packed in as many as 13), and they all share just one or two suction-powered toilets. 

>> Read the full article here

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