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Fiber Suggestions


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I have IBS-C, with the main symptom being a feeling of incomplete emptying. I recently had a rectal exam and the doctor said everything looks normal. She recommended Citrucel, and I tried that for a while and switched to Fiber Con tablets. These have been having a decent effect in combination with Benefiber. However, I feel that I need an even higher bulk fiber effect to really give me more complete bowel movements, as the effect of these fiber supplements seems to be inconsistent and not quite strong enough. The doctor said I should try different combinations to see what works for me. Can anyone recommend another or additional fiber supplement that will really increase the effect of yielding more complete stools, without causing diarrhea? By the way, I tried pure psyllium fiber powder, but did not like the effect. Any recommendations will be most appreciated. 

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Jeffrey Roberts

I don't really have a good recommendation about fiber. It seems like physician's used to recommend fiber as a first-line treatment years ago. I don't hear much about that now. If anything, the recommendation is always a soluble fiber. I have seen Webber Naturals The Right Fibre4 IBS Intestinal Discomfort been recommended. It's partially hydrolyzed guar gum.

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