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Just diagnosed with Tenesmus

Sport of Kings Anne

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Hi all, glad and sad I found this community.

I have been dealing with IBS for at least 20 years, and now have also been diagnosed with Tenesmus. I was so scared that I had some type of blockage- ended up in the ER Friday night. I am going thru a stressful time and I guess this is just some new fun to the mix. I have started Metamucil to make sure I have no issues- and it is working. I do and still having spasms- but Bentyl seems to be helping that a bit. I do also take Busperion as needed- will start again tonight. I had a Colonoscopy two months ago and it was fine. Any other helpful tips to try and get a hold of this “ flare”? 

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Jeffrey Roberts

Tenesmus is certainly one of those evil things you can get. Not as common with IBS, but it happens. Sorry you are dealing with this.

Could you talk to your doctor about trying a 5-ASA suppository to try and reduce any inflammation that might be going on there? Other than that I believe imodium increases rectal tone. Of course if you have constipation, you don't want to take imodium because it will just make things worse. I'm not sure busperion will make things better.

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