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Giardia in my gut


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Hello everyone,

I have been dealing with ibs for 6+ years now and my symptoms have included bloating, gas, gastritis, constipation, diarrhea, chronic fatigue, abdominal pain, back pain, headaches and muscle spasms.

I recently saw a doctor this past summer that specializes in eastern and western medicine combined. They were first people to help me find that I had giardia in my gut, through a GI Map. I did an antibiotic treatment along with a licorice root supplement. My symptoms became better after the treatment but I still had minor pains and issues. My doctor then put me on a treatment of probiotics and butyrate. This helped immensely and I thought I was completely healed for a couple months. Sadly I just had another bad flare up which drove me to seek out this support group.

I have used low fodmap dieting which has been very helpful in reducing symptoms after a flare up but does nothing for preventing or fixing the situation. I also run 3-4 miles roughly 5 days a week. Cutting back on alcohol and any unhealthy lifestyle choices had a positive impact as well but nothing has seemed to fully stop the symptoms. I would like to keep visiting the specialist to find out more since they have given me the most success and answers so far but it is expensive. I definitely recommend seeking out a medical professional that focuses on gut health and doing a GI Map to help identify imbalances in the gut bacteria. Since I have experienced months at a time without a flare up it seems like there is hope again but still looking for more answers.

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Jeffrey Roberts

Hi Caleb,

Thanks for sharing your story. Giardia can be rather nasty. I'm surprised that nobody looked for it before now because people don't normally encounter that.

You mentioned that you got a bad flare again after the antibiotic treatment. Are your symptoms different or the same for this flare? Is it possible you have a new infection namely Clostridium Difficile, or even post-infectious IBS, which may come after being treated with an antibiotic or a severe infection.

The GI Map definitely looks interesting instead of having to do all those tests separately. Almost everyone who has IBS-D should have the GI Map to rule out other causes than IBS.

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