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A lot has been ruled out but IBS has not been ruled in


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I am new to all of this and just joined on here.

I'm not officially diagnosed but the little bit of research of my symptoms online lead me to believe this could be it.

Been seeing a Dr for almost a year and had a number of different tests.

A lot has been ruled out but IBS has not been ruled in. 

The mysterious symptom is a very slight sensation, not painful, but just know something is there located in the left flank of my back midway up the ribcage.

Most always there is gas just after the feeling.  I have both diarrhea and constip at times but not all the time.  Constip more so but not by much.

In addition, that strange sensation in my mid back seems to always be relieved by a bm or gas.   Gosh I never thought I'd be this open with my bathroom habits. :)

Looking to learn more and see if others experience the same.

Thanks for listening.


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Jeffrey Roberts

Hi Ford,


IBS should be able to be diagnosed based on your history. Tests generally aren't necessary unless there are some red flags, ie: age, family history, blood, weight loss

IBS also is generally associated with abdominal pain that is often relieved by a bowel movement.

I've not heard someone describing the sensation quite like you have. You mention diarrhea - is that normal for you? Diarrhea isn't really normal for people as it's usually a symptom of something else.

Have you explored your diet with a Dietitian for food intolerance?

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Thanks Jeffrey for the reply and info.

The diarrhea happens but not every day.  As I said, constipation is more frequent.

The symptom I initially went to see the Dr about was this almost slight burning sensation.  It's there everyday and somedays more prevalent than others.

I have not talked to a dietician but probably should and will soon.

I've had two upper GI scopes within the last 6 months.  The first discovered several gastric polyps that were removed and the second was to retrieve more.

All were benign.  Dr told me to stop omeprazole after the first one.  That was good as the second scope showed lots of improvement.

I'm have a regular scheduled lower scope in Feb and then go from there.

It's really puzzling and has been for the last year.  Always on my mind wondering what is going on.

Again, thanks for listening.


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