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CBT/Meditation for managing IBS-bloating/flatulence


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I have been suffering from IBS variant in which I bloat and pass flatulence very often in stressful situations like classes, when meeting someone very important, sometimes in long traveling (through trains a journey of a day or two), spending time with friends and sometimes while sitting next to a girl I like.

It started happening first time when I was 14 years old while sitting in a really long coaching class. Now I'm 27 still suffering.

Currently I'm preparing for a competitive examination and for it in evening (6pm to 9pm) I attend a coaching class while sitting with 300 other people but have to visit washroom to pass stool or flatulence about once every hour to minimise by tummy from constant making bloating sound or on urgent need to flatulate. I have been called out many times by my peers, they know what I'm doing, it's very embarassing.

I had a temporary relief while in 2nd year of college around 2016 when I started visiting a psychologist for CBT+Hypnosis therapy. My symptoms stopped and didn't come to surface for about 6 months( the duration of the therapy was around 3-4 months and then a month or two after it). Therapist had told me that she had used Hypnosis to make me stop thinking about my symptoms and CBT to treat stress and anxiety.She also told me taking medication won't work as symptoms are due to thought process(she was very much true)+medication might even result in side effects. My therapist's details- her clinics name "mindzcraft",her name Dr.Anchal Anand, her fees are very moderate and she practises from her home town in Raipur,India and very much available on video and voice call for remote patients.

Then again just like all good things it didn't last long, I went to another coaching and voila back at it again........ completed college joined job same situation- once I flatulated in front a CEO of company working in 35 countries was stressed to meet him I suppose......left job now back at another competitive examination preparation..... don't think can find enough hours for CBT but relying on 15 minutes two times a day meditation(once in morning and once at night) hoping it will make miracle happen and help me manage my stress.


13 years man that's almost half my life.......they say these problems are like diabetes it can't be cured and can only be managed.....


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