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Recently been 'diagnosed' with IBS


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I'm IBS-M. I've recently been 'diagnosed' with IBS, I say 'diagnosed' as it was more of multiple A&E visits with stomach cramps that had me in a wheelchair and an offhanded comment by a doctor to suggest it's IBS and that's the diagnosis they've stuck to. I'm on Buscopan for cramps, Omeprozle for acid, Laxido for constipation, Vitamins for hair loss and Kalms for the stress. I can't take antidepressants as they trigger the Gurgling and frog noises all day. Sorry, I refer to it as frog noise a lot as I literally sound like I'm rabbeting and my stomach moves like a frog when it happens - the puff out and everything!  

I'm still trying to figure out my triggers, Stress and anxiety are definitely one - I had a mental breakdown back in June which is when all of this started, and from there it's been Gluten and dairy. I can't have a lot of green foods like Broccoli or Spinach as the gas just turns me into a frog all day. I had Donnor meat from the chip shop last night and I've been on the loo all day. I used to be a vegetarian but with how hard it is trying to find Gluten and dairy free food I've had to go back to meat to just try and get some nutrients. I've lost over 1 stone and half since September from the diet restrictions and the inability to keep food in my system.

It's felt like I've been alone in this journey - my family have tried to help as much as they can, but they just don't understand. I'm grateful that they are here and being so supportive but I'm so glad that I've come across this network. Thank you all for being here and your posts, they've helped a lot already! 

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Jeffrey Roberts

Hello ezhadders,

Well it's wonderful that you have the support of your family, I think you really owe it to yourself to be properly diagnosed. An offhanded comment by a doctor is not a proper diagnosis. IBS is no longer diagnosed in an exclusion fashion, ie: you exclude all the other things and are left with IBS. You could in fact have something different than IBS that has been missed.

We're all here to support you, though have you spoken with your family doctor about these symptoms?

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