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I have had IBS-D for 2 years, I'm a 58 year old woman


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I have been suffering from IBS-D for 2 years. At first my doctor said to stop lactose but it didn't help. Finally after a year and a half he said to talk to a dietician who has put me on a low fod map diet and also wants me to start challenging some foods in small portions. I'm looking for a support group because sometimes I feel so down having this and I would like to communicate with other people who have a similar issue. 

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Jeffrey Roberts

Welcome Sonia,

We are a group of patients that identify what you are having to live with. We also understand how this makes you feel down at times. I have had IBS for 25+ years. I most identify with IBS-D, but have shifted in the last several years to IBS-M (mixed D and C).

Did your doctor recommend any other treatment besides stopping lactose and working with a Dietitian on the low FODMAP diet?

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Hello Sonia. I have had IBS (diagnosed) since 2020. I had "inklings" of it occasionally during late 2017, then a bout in 2018, then it disappeared for 2 years before coming back in early Spring 2020, so has been off and on since (I have IBS -D predominant but can occasionally get constipation for a day or two, though that is rare.)
Mine isn't as long term.
Yes, I understand about it bringing you down. It does that to me at times too.

I did the low Fodmap trial very strictly for 8 weeks then re-introduced small amounts of foods one at a time. I found that some low Fodmaps didn't suit me from the start. I also found that some HIGH Fodmaps were always okay for me. So by trial and error worked out a pretty healthy diet that I can sustain most of the time. Yes, it's a bit limited compared to what other people can eat, but I can maintain pretty good steadiness on it.
And now and again I do try tiny amounts of foods that I had shunned for some time. I can now eat carrots sometimes. I can eat one or two Walnuts and about 4 brazil nuts. But unfortunately capsicums, onions, some food additives, tomatoes, and mushrooms and a few other foods remain unfriendly! Other foods like boiled potatoes, brown rice, some fruits, are in the "amber zone" (sometimes OK, sometimes not.)
It's a work in progress I think. Keep experimenting. It's good you have a dietitian to work with you.
I understand. I wish you all the best going forward through this .

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