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Here is what has helped me the most after years of experimentation for C (IBS-C).  YMMV

#1 Hot coffee upon awakening

#2 3 tablespoons of whole black chia ground fine at breakfast time. Put one cup water in blender, start it up and dump the chia in and almost immediately gulp it down. In my experience chia is the best and most effective bulk forming fiber supplement which has some science behind it. IMO wheat bran is horrible, pyillium husk powder causes bloating, ground whole brown flax seed is very good but I don't think it is as effective as chia and chia has a higher percentage of fiber. Chia is king.

#3 Eat one or more of the very best laxative fresh fruits every day. At the very to top of the list are Kiwi, 3 kiwi fruits, one D'Anjou or Bartlett pear about 250 grams and 200 grams or more of fresh pineapple.

#4 Eat 1 1/3 cups of short grain brown rice or 2/3 cup of pinto beans every day.

#5 Take magnesium (Swanson triple mag complex) at night if needed. You might start with 800mg and go up or down, maybe up to 1200-1600 mg if one does not have kidney disease or any other reason not to take it.

The above are the everyday basics. Other suggestions are 3 or 4 dried or reconstituted Calimyrna figs, very good and dried or reconstituted prunes which work but I do not like how they feel. YMMV. Large meals can be helpful and an increase in tough crunchy fibrous feeling vegetables, specifically under cooked bok choy type vegetables and a big raw salad with deep green lettuce. Soaked dried Shitake mushrooms are excellent.

Now to address people who have been plugged up for days and for people for whom "nothing works". Once when I was in that situation I got a colema board. I was quite shocked and dismayed that the first 5 gallons of hot water got no results so I tried another 5 gallons and got stuff to finally come out. The hotter the better that is still safe and tolerable. Maybe 105F. Someone is saying up to 110F but I think that might be a bit too hot. Now on to the subject of stimulant laxatives.

Herbal stimulant laxatives can be very useful in the short term. Pretty sure that some recent info is out about how they can increase cancer risk in long term use. They often fail when used long term in mine and others experience. Chinese rhubarb powder grips less than many other preparations. While senna can work it often causes gripping. Aloe powder is like dynamite, use only rarely if ever.There was a senna granules product I think made by Senokot that worked so good for people that they were cryin' for their mamas when it was discontinued. Probably because some people choked on it so one has to be careful when taking it. It IMO is the best stimulant laxative preparation, effective if enough is taken, with little or no griping. This same or very near same product is called Agiolax Granules. That's it for now.
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Here is a spectacular addendum to my post on what has helped. In addition to the obligatory three tablespoons of whole black chia freshly ground, put in a cup of moving water in a blender for a very short time and gulped down quickly, the helpful but not necessarily obligatory 1.33 cups of short grain brown rice or 3/4 cups of pinto beans and the likely hood of an improvement from a general increase in fruit and vegetables raw or cooked still crunchy, the addition of 100g of thawed frozen raspberries and 100g of thawed frozen mango chunks (from Trader Joe's) taken together are producing the best movements in terms of amount, width, length and form on a pretty consistent basis so far than anything else in nearly 40 years at this. I will be in very good shape if not perfect if this continues to work over a longer time period. Just amazing results. I do almost never miss magnesium in the form of Swanson triple mag an night at a dose mostly at 1200mg.

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This could be considered a modification of my posts in The Great List of Remedies section. I highly suggest you try this for constipation unless you have something against fiber or need to be cautious for some reason. Wake up. Drink a cup of coffee. Eat breakfast. After breakfast I suggest taking 3 tablespoons of raw whole black chia seeds and grinding them fine in a coffee grinder. Have a cup of water swirling in a blender, pour the chia for just like one second and gulp down. It thickens very rapidly so it has to be done real quick. After that repeat with another 3 tablespoons chia, ground. While I do recommend maybe having a salad with leafy greens and oranges, 1-2 oranges, or good sized portions of pineapple or oranges and pineapple without being in a salad, and 400-1200mg of magnesium at night it may or may not be necessary with the morning routine. 6 tablespoons of chia works much better than 3. 6 tablespoons is the key and the fulcrum that this system rests on. Fantastic very consistence results achieving a well formed stool with minimal need for wiping. I have been at this for decades. While there is a lot of difference between people I can't imagine that I am so unique that this would not be of great benefit to many.

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Here is some of the science to back up my post on how to deal with this situation. From PUBMED. It is now easy to search PUBMED for randomized trials and clinical trials. Once you do a subject search you can then use the filters for RCT and Clinical trials.

Kiwi fruit: https://pubmed.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/17729399/ It is not just fiber from Kiwi, it has a laxative chemical also, as do pears and probably pineapple.

Chia: https://pubmed.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/28000689/ Chia has higher viscosity than Flax

Pineapple (bromelain) https://pubs.rsc.org/en/content/articlelanding/2017/ra/c7ra06109a#!divAbstract

Pears (sorbitol) https://pubmed.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/2122724/ Many fruits have sorbitol in them but to me pears as a food is very effective.
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