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Muscle loss due to IBs-D

Graham Wraith

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Good Evening

I was wondering if anyone? due to weight loss, IBs-D or not having the energy to workout has found they have lost muscle mass? or strength in well their biceps, chest, legs?

I only ask because I have always kept myself fit, I still walk regularly, use my cross trainer daily but I have found that when I bend over in the shower (I know to much Information)  I have crinkly biceps, and my chest muscle is non existing?

This is also the case for my lower legs?

Ok I am 67 year old male, but this has shocked even me! until maybe a year ago I would use my weight 3 times a week, plus I have a cross trainer, then there is the daily push ups, so why do I look like a 100 year old plus body?

I used to weigh around 86kg (no idea what that is in lbs?) my scales just show it in kg, plus they show me my BMI/body fat, so they are in the green lol. I now weigh around 71kg.

I have tried to search on YouTube or the internet, maybe I am not asking the right questions or wording it correctly?

So simple question will going back to using me weights 3 times a week give me back my muscles? is their something I need to be asking my doctor, ok triage nurse due to not being able to see a doctor.

I look forward to any help on this topic. I refuse to get old gracefully. My brain says I can still use an assault course, my body will tell me the truth, as well all know.



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