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IBS-D pain after going to the toilet the next morning?

Graham Wraith

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I have suffered with IBS-D for over 10 years (cause work related stress).

 I decide to go on the low fodmap as I did not know if it was caused by lactose or gluten? easy option was to cut both out?

 Now I know they say you can eat dark chocolate, but with me I have found any form of chocolate, even the ones on the special aisle in the supermarket they still give me very bad ibs!

 I have cut out any form of biscuits, cakes (all lactose/gluten free) as I found these also affected my ibs? 

 I have found I am never hungry. I keep myself fit by walking 5-7 miles a day, I use my home weights once or twice a week, as per all the health guides you can find on the internet, but I have found I am suffering with muscle atrophy. I will say the last 6 months were very bad for me, I lost over 10 kg, or 44lbs? has this caused my skin to well sag? 

 I normally do 25/30 push ups per day, on good days that is, but when I have a bad bout of ibs it stops me doing anything for the next 2/3 days! talk about annoying.

 So, meals are normally oats for breakfast with some maple syrup, I have a pea protein shake but that can be at any time of the day, normally the next meal is evening meal, I go for either chicken, or frozen fish, I have found I do like to eat cold water prawns? and often when in the mood have a sandwich in the afternoon.

I have never smoked or drank.

 I do not normally suffer with ibs throughout the day? it always affect's me the next morning when I have that need to get to the toilet, most mornings it is simple diarrhoea, I will sit there until my colon has expelled all it wants to, then when I think I am finished I walk up the stairs, and I have to get back the toilet asap to have my second diarrhoea, once my colon is empty I have a very mild pain, but it dissipates after 10 minutes.

 On as scale from 1-10 the pain is not even on the 1 scale (if that helps?) it is just a bit uncomfortable.

 The problem comes when something I have eaten? has reacted badly with my gut? this is another question, what part of the gut/body is it that causes the problem? 

 Within seconds of the first diarrhoea the pain starts, it is always in the same location (just below my belly button)

 On the scale of 1/10 it is normally around an 8, why it is so painful I have no idea?

 The pain does not dissipate after leaving the toilet, it makes me reach for my Alverine 60mg tablets, but my main help is making a hot water bottle.

 Once again it is get to bed and lay there willing the pain to ease or go away! Of course, it never does, I am then so run down it takes me nearly a week to get back to normal!

 Even though I am the low fodmap the foods that are supposed to be good for me are still affecting me? Why is that?

 I am just reaching out to see if anyone is in the same boat? or are there any practical solutions?

 I live in the UK so any suggestions or over the counter medications will have to be from the UK (if that makes sense?




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Jeffrey Roberts

Attempting to unpack this because you mention a lot of things.

Let me start off by suggesting that "work related stress" isn't the cause of your IBS. Stress amplifies IBS, like it does for any illness. IBS is not and has never been caused by stress

A low FODMAP diet is not meant as a permanent diet. It is meant to help you find out the quantities of high FODMAP foods that you can tolerate.

Losing weight is not a symptom of IBS. In fact, it's a red flag for doctors to look for another cause other than IBS.

Keep in mind that foods like maple syrup which are primarily sugar tend to draw liquid into your bowel and could contribute to looser stool.

Yes! IBS tends to strike most people first thing in the morning either before or after a meal.

Pain that tends to be a "1" is curious. I think most people who have IBS abdominal pain might describe it as 8-10. For most people, pain is relieved by having a bowel movement; however, not for everyone.

Food in general causes our bowels to move things a long. It's a normal reflex. That movement seems to be amplified in people with IBS. It's referred to as visceral hypersensitivity.

A low FODMAP diet in order to identify foods which aggravate symptoms seems to be effective in 70% of people, mostly with IBS-D. It's not a perfect treatment.

The one over-the-counter medication that comes to mind is peppermint oil. In the UK I believe there is the brand Colpermin. The other one is Buscopan. Both, in a sense, are  antispasmodics.

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