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Bowel symptoms driving me crazy, advice and help wanted?


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Hi all,

I’m having symptoms of something and they are driving me crazy and starting to take over my life, looking for advice and support and to see if anyone else has similar.

I haven’t had a diagnosis of IBS yet, but I have have symptoms on and off for the past 2 years. Symptoms ramped up in July 2022 and more recently I have had symptoms constantly for the last 8 weeks, these are:

  • Pooing several times a day, for the past 2 years this has mostly been unformed and like hummus. Recently I’ve been going between pooping 5-6 times a day which is soft, to the next day it is really hard and inky going once, sometimes when it is harder it’s a little flatter in appearance.
  • I have lower right side abdo crampy pains. I often need to poop straight after eating, which is super annoying!
  • I have lower back pain near coccyx that feels worse when sitting down and also if I clench my bum cheeks, I have pain which almost feels like a muscular pain in my bum.
  • I have a burning, itching, raw, sore pain around my anus and into my rectum, that is there all the time, this feels really raw when I’m pooping, it feels really swollen and I always have the sensation of needing a poo. My anus almost feels wet at times too.
  • Wind sometimes feels stuck in anus and this often is painful when it passes.
  • my tummy always feels bloated.

I have had a FiT test in November 2022 which was normal and a colonoscopy in 2021 that showed some diverticula disease.

Any help and advice would be great as I’m really struggling and getting worried.

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Jeffrey Roberts

Hello Vics1982,

I'm sorry that you are feeling so awful.

Your symptoms sound like it could be something that was at one point infectious,  or even proctitis from an infection or something else. It doesn't sound exactly like IBS, but it certainly could be.

I think you really need to see a doctor to rule things out like an infection or if there is actually inflammation. While you were scoped in 2021, you might just need a sigmoidoscopy which has very little prep. It's a much small scope where they can look at the rectum and descending colon to look for inflammation.

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First off. Vicks 1982

im so sorry you have to deal with this. 
here’s my 22 years of experience with IBS. 
I know someone who every once in awhile has a flare up of diverticulitis and he just suffers through it. However he did say one day his poop was runny next day hard.   1) I’ve learned to be proactive about my IBS. My IBS started when I was prescribed medications that constipate. 2) I massaging my abdomen relaxes my mind. I start massaging at beginning of ascending colon to transverse colon to descending colon. Meaning go up over and down the colon in a circular motion clockwise then repeat. For me it means I wake up my gut.  3) research the gastroenterologists in your area. I found not all gastroenterologists know a lot. Find one who is very very knowledgeable about intestinal problems. 4) I put Vaseline around my anus when it itches and burns. Big huge help. 5) pain in my gut is almost always attributed to gas - I massage 5) I found out what foods I’m allergic to then I started FODMAP.  It does help to keep talking and hearing other people’s stories. 
take care. 

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