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I have been dealing with IBS-M symptoms for the past 6 years, got officially diagnosed 3 years ago. I have been able to manage a lot of my IBS symptoms with stress management techniques though I will have flare-ups when my anxiety is really off the charts. However, a newer symptoms came up about 2 years ago — GERD. It started when I was trying a Chinese medicine approach for my IBS and when I cut out those herbs, it went away. But then it came back 2 months later. Each time I get GERD, it lasts longer than the previous time. I usually get it ~4-6 times per year. This latest flare up has been the worst. I've had GERD for over a month now and it constantly feels like there is a quarter stuck in my throat and my chest is very tight. It makes eating so uncomfortable and not eating enough is one of my triggers for IBS symptoms. My Dr. prescribed Omeprazole for GERD and that has worked in the past but it's not working this time. I'm at my wits end with this sensation and I am currently uninsured, so I can't afford to go to my GI Dr., only my PCP via telehealth. Any other folks deal with this? Any at home remedies or approaches that have helped you before? I will accept ANY suggestions to help this awful sensation go away. 

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Jeffrey Roberts

Hi Kai,

I completely understand what you are going through. Last November out of nowhere, I started having GERD-like symptoms. I had some pantoprazole from a previous episode many years earlier so I put myself on it. GERD, like IBS is a functional GI disorder and they tend to run in multiples. Not so uncommon to have IBS and GERD. It's really crappy. I actually ended up having a gastroscopy in early January to make sure that's all that was going on. It was as nothing else was found.

Omeprazole is the right medication to try and control symptoms. Smaller more frequent meals, nothing to eat 2 hours before bed and raising the head of your bed can be helpful. I sleep with a "wedge" pillow to raise my head. You can also try Omerprazole twice daily - before breakfast and before dinner. That is what I did to finally bring it under control. My symptoms are a lot better now, but they are still there at times.

If this is new and it's not going away, a doctor is really the right person to investigate. I understand your situation without insurance. Home remedies are the only way to treat it unless you feel you are so sick that you need to pay to see a doctor.

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Thanks so much for your quick response, Jeffrey. I've read about wedge pillows/head support for GERD before so I will add that to my regiment. 

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