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Stress or Food.. noone knows!

Regina S.

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Hi, I am new, found this community to see if I can get some suggestions. Have IBS (C) all my life.  I have been on so many prescriptions and nothing has helped. For years I thought it was stress related since my symptoms were during the work week only but only realized I was dringing prune juice during the week everyday to help my go to the bathroom.. which is another problem.  I read somewhere that causes extreme bloating and gas.. which made me miserable. I quit the juice like 5 months ago and was symptom free.. I was cured.. so I thought. I was taking psyllium husk to go to the bathroom and it work amazing, my stomach spasms stopped and I am going. Until last week, the bloating and gas came back with a fury.. no I dont know if its stress or food related. How are we supposed to cure ourselves... or at least treat the symptoms when we dont know what causes them.  Has anyone found a miracle cure or drug? Help.. frustrated and depressed over this... again. 

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Jeffrey Roberts

Welcome Regina!

Sounds like you have tried everything. Are you aware that 2 new treatments were recently approved by the FDA? One is Cognitive Behaviour Therapy and the other is Gut Directed Hypnotherapy. Both are digital therapeutics and once prescribed, can be self managed through an app. Also, there is a new constipation medication that became available in 2022. It is called IBSrela. It is a very different compound.

Hope this gives you some new ideas.

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