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Does this sound like IBS?


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Hello.  I have had episodes of diarrhea and constipation for as long as I can remember.  The thing that has changed over the past few years is having diarrhea and or immediate need to have a bowel movement (that isn't diarrhea) with little to no pain or warning.

A lot of these episodes have been when I've been on a lengthy walk but it's happened at home as well.  Today I had only been walking for less than 10 min (previously feeling totally fine) when I had a sudden, small pain that lasted only a second (but it was "that" type of pain that sometimes indicates it's going to continue and get worse) so I headed back home.  Even though I was so close to home, I couldn't hold it.  So now I am researching fecal pads and feeling like this is crazy.  I'm only 54 and I don't want to wear "diapers" for the rest of my life!

I had a colonoscopy just about 4 months ago (unrelated - it was a screening for colon cancer due to family history) which all looked fine according to the doc.  If I have IBS or ?? that is severe enough to cause these incidents, wouldn't something unusual have shown up on the colonoscopy?  




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Jeffrey Roberts

I'm so sorry that you are having to deal with this at a young age. (54 is young!) I was relieved to see that you had a colonoscopy a short time ago and that CRC was ruled out. They were no doubt looking for other things at the same time which they didn't find or they would have told you.

Given your story, it does sound like IBS, BUT there are still many things which mimic the symptoms of IBS. It could be diet, bile acid, thyroid related or something completely different.

I would describe your story just like you have done here to your doctor and work with them to solve this.

I hope this is a little reassuring and helpful.

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