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Pubmed-Diagnosis and management of irritable bowel syndrome-like symptoms in ulcerative colitis

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Folia Med (Plovdiv). 2022 Oct 31;64(5):733-739. doi: 10.3897/folmed.64.e66075.


Both ulcerative colitis (UC) and irritable bowel syndrome (IBS) are chronic gastrointestinal (GI) conditions that show some typical features. Persistent GI symptoms typical for IBS are observed in patients with diagnosed UC. Both IBS and UC are characterised by dysregulation of the enteric nervous system, alterations in the gut flora, low-grade mucosal inflammation, and activation of the brain-gut axis. Therefore, it appears that there may be some overlap between the two conditions. It is rather difficult to tell if the lower gastrointestinal symptoms are secondary to coexisting IBS or a hidden UC condition.

PMID:36876537 | DOI:10.3897/folmed.64.e66075

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