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Tim Boniface

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Hi All

My name is Tim and I'm 61. I've had loads of tests and scans both in the UK and Canada which have all come back clear. So the the Gastro consultant describes my illness as IBS. Started 8 months and apart from a spell of 4 weeks  has been continual abdominal pain soreness and gas to solve the energy crisis but unfortunately damage the ozone Layer.

My symptons started out of the blue after a very stressful time at work. Thought they would just disappear in a couple of weeks and went to Canada on Holiday where they got worse. Ended up in Hospital where i was tested and nothing sinister was found. Although reassuring symptons continued and have done ever since. I largely don't have Diarrhea but go through phases not going like I use to (4 or 5 Time a day loose.) Work has become a nightmare as I cant concentrate because of pain and nausea. I have tried Symprove Probiotics, silacol gel but nothing seems to do the trick. Was given mebevine tablets which I thought were working but they gave me motion sickness/vertigo.

Is it common in that  I feel much worse when I wake up. As the day goes on generally the symptons ease. Tried cutting out certain foods such as dairy, tomatoes, gluten but without any definitive improvement. tried stopping alcohol as well.

It also gives me anxiety but im already on Paroxetine

The only thing I have found helps is exercise - although it  feels impossible to do so when I feel so sick or in pain.

It is comforting that Im not the only one suffering

IF anyone could give me anything to try - I will try anything.

Sorry if I wittered on 









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