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Is it IBSC or CIC?


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In 2017 I had colonoscopy after some kind of intestinal flair and was told it was diverticulits and put on antibiotics. Was told I need to keep things " flowing" to prevent another infection of the diverticulosis. I started out on stoll doftners, worked for couple years, a visit to gastro dr and told him stool sotners weren't doing it. From that point on was told to take miralax. My primary Dr recommended fiber con pills. Talk about gut pain and bloating, NO WAY can I do fiber supplements. Fast forward, miralax started bloating me and trapped gas because I was needing to take it 2xs a day. I am now in different city, new primary Dr. She put me on Linzess. What a relief even with the diahreah but a couple months later it stopped working so I thought I'd try miralax again. A few months later, the bloating again so back on linzess but it didn't work at all. Another diverticulitis flair, on super strong antibiotics. I tried Linzess again and if I take it shortly AFTER eating it workedwithin 2 hours. Because of the antibiotics my stomach and intestinal track is so messed up. I woke up this morning at 4:30 with such bloating and pain! I started a new 60 billion probiotic with over 8 different ingredients plus some natural things, claiming it helps with bowel movements. In an after after taking the probiotic. My stomach stopped hurting.... is that possible or my imagination?? Well I also take acv gummies in AM. After all I've tried and found out I can not also take magnesium supplements, the bloating and pain thing too. So my game plan is (for now) liquid and semi solid foods, probiotic in AM (physicians Choice 60 billion probiotic, 10 strains, NOT 8), eat light lunch and Linzess. Wish me luck, Cindy

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Jeffrey Roberts

Thank you for sharing your story.

Really hard to say whether a probiotic helped you as there is little research on probiotics helping IBS. Still, I use probiotics and sometimes they do help.

There is a new medication for IBS-C that works differently than Linzess. It is called Ibsrela. Might be worth investigating and asking your doctor about it.

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