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Psychedelics and IBS


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Hi there. While I have a form of IBS called a "spastic colon", I don't know a lot about it. I don't hang out on these message boards looking for advice from professionals or even go to doctors about it because I have larger issues to address.

I have a bad stress condition, which from what I understand basically causes the digestive issues. Now I noticed that there are some topics about SSRIs, Hypnosis, and therapy in general but I was sort of surprised to see not one topic on ... microdosing mushrooms for example.. I just figured you guys would be trying that sort of thing by now.

My opinion on microdosing mushrooms is like "Its great, it works.. helps a lot of people but if you have real problems then microdosing DMT on a schedule that works for the patient is the real way to go."

I basically eliminate any need I have to take something like Imodium or deal with my morning bathroom nonsense because I'm microdosing DMT for my 'crazy' and to reduce my 'felt stress' .. the bathroom stuff just takes care of itself in the process.

I make my own vape cartridges because its just simpler and easier to microdose the DMT that way and I spend about 20 minutes watching music videos with a pretty mild dose of it in me; I'm mildly hallucinating ofc but its pretty easy stuff to deal with; Rhianna has 4 eyes.. its nothing upsetting or 'too weird' at those minor 'microdose' levels, and again.. its only 20 minutes every other day. Just do it after breakfast kinda thing, get it done.. less crazy for the week, AND I'm not making a mess of the toilet every time I go in there.

Now, aside from the fact that some of you may live in countries where possession can result in stiff penalties (I live in Canada, the drug war is effectively over here) what is it that is stopping you from trying psychedelics in order to alleviate the issues you might be having?

I use to do 50mg psilocybin every month doses to eliminate my stress disorder which ofc had the same effect of eliminating my bowel issues but that became tricky (its an all day event) so DMT microdosing is easier and simpler (its not AS effective but I'll take it) method of achieving similar results.

And here is something I'd like to draw attention to while I'm here..



I've booked an Aya ritual coming up, we'll see how that works compared to some of the other methods I've been using to achieve long periods of a lack of depression symptoms.


.. so 'they' are 'on to this' .. they already know there is a link but I feel like they are sitting in the kiddie pool looking for answers with psilocybin, its not bad, its just that I believe people with these conditions need something that they can use DAILY. And this is why I'm using DMT myself instead of psilocybin, I can repeat the positive results through the entire week instead of getting relief for maybe a day or two (as you might with psilocybin which produces a tolerance ofc).

So if you live in a place like Canada where these molecules are readily available on clearnet websites, what is stopping you from trying anything at this point?

Aren't you tired of the diets and the medications? This way is much more fun, I assure you.

Thanks and DM me for more information if you'd like.

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