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Re: I.B.S. miss  diagnosis.

Just wanted to share my story with I.B.S. sufferers.

For more than 35yrs I was diagnosed with I.B.S. You know the story,waved off by my GP and other consultants saying no cure for I.B.S and no treatment other than "try the Fodmat diet". Over the years I had many Sigmoidoscopy and Colonoscopies scans along with blood and stool test. I also tried removing dairy,and other foods from my diet, none of this made any differance to my condition.Having I.B.S syptoms is almost like being a prisoner in you home,feared to go out without a plan in place,knowing where the nearest toilets will be on you journey ect.

Anyway,suddenly I noticed that I was loosing weight,from 11 stone 7Ibs( my nomal weight zone) to 10 stone over a few months. My GP sent me for an emergency appointment with a Hospital Gastro Consultant who sent me for the following:

CT scan,Ultra scan, Sigmoidoscopy (camera rear),Endoscope (camera into stomach) along with FULL bloods. 

Now this is the important bit.

Over the years I have had many of the above scans and test with the exeption of the Endoscope. It was the camera into my stomach that proved to be the turning point for me. It was during my Endoscope that the Endoscopist noticed a gastric ulcer, and found a bacteria which also causes ulcers called (HELICOBACTER PYLORI) this bug has gone unoticed for many a years and was not detected via FULL blood test or other, it was only found via the stomach camera.Worth noting that I had no pain or discomfort from my stomach at any time.

I was put on 2 types of antibiotics for a week and Omeprazole for 8 weeks and I feel the best I have felt for many years. My weight has increased by 1 and a half stone in just 6 weeks and my bowel movements have returned to normal after more than 30 +years. 

My opinion:

Was this bug "Helicobacter Pyiori" causing / mimicing I.B.S. symptoms for all these years. I believe it was in my case because once it was discovered and treated my I.B.S. symptoms all disappeared.

Remember, it was only found by the stomach camera and not by any other means. I would urge other persons who are suffering with I.B.S. to ask their GP to test them for Helicobacter Pyiori. I have got my life back to normal after years and years of suffering the symptoms of I.B.S. 

I hope this helps all I.B.S. people. 





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Thank you for sharing your story! It’s encouraging to hear stories like this, because at times I know we can feel hopeless with our symptoms and not getting answers. So glad you are feeling better! I hope to one day as well.

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