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Tumeric Curcumin stopped my IBS-D.


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I have had IBS-D for close to two years.  I take Viberzi, which I have been able to cut down to a half a pill a day. It is very expensive.  It helped me manage the symptoms, but I still had diarrhea every morning.  That was until I started taking Tumeric Curcumin for another issue I have, inflammation.  With a few days, my morning diarrhea stopped.  My doctor never mentioned taking Tumeric Curcumin.  There are a lot of Tumeric supplements out there, but the one I take is Schwartz Turmeric Curcumin.  It recommends 3 pills a day, but I have only been taking one.  Just wanted to get the word out in case it could help someone else.

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Jeffrey Roberts

Thank you for sharing. That's an interesting observation.

I do wonder if the Tumeric Curcumin is reducing inflammation somewhere in your gut that has been labeled as IBS-D as IBS does not involve inflammation.

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Is it still working for you?Where did you buy it?Thanks,I’m willing to try natural remedies because nothing else has helped.

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