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Piloting a new service for individuals experiencing chronic pain through pain monitoring and behaviour change (recruiting patients in Northern Ireland)

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Jeffrey Roberts

The service, called Patterns, is being developed with a consortium of individuals from the health service in Northern Ireland, the Public Health Agency, the NI Regional Pain Forum, Versus Arthritis, Queen's University Belfast, and the Belfast Centre for Pain Rehabilitation. It is a mobile app that allows individuals to set goals, and track various pain-related metrics. It then provides various visualisations and insights regarding patterns between goals, activities, and pain experience.

We are aiming to recruit at least 100 people throughout Northern Ireland who currently experience persistent pain, to join us in a 4-month trial of Patterns. This would be used to help us assess how useful Patterns is at helping individuals understand and self-manage their experience with Pain. If we can show benefit, we may be able to make Patterns available to individuals throughout the UK and beyond.

Individuals in Northern Ireland who are interested in taking part can register there interest at the project website here: https://mypatterns.co/.


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