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Stomach discomfort/pains

S Williams

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I have been having stomach discomfort/pains off and on for 5 months. Also have lost 25 pds and have to eat baby food because real food hurts too much. In the past few days the baby food is also hurting. I have been to the ER and they don’t do much and tell me to see a GI. I have been waiting to see a GI for the last 6 weeks and cannot get in for 2 more weeks. I am at my witts end! 
Has anyone experienced symptoms like this? 

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Jeffrey Roberts

Sorry, I didn't see this until now.

I answered you about Gastritis and weight loss in your other post.

Unfortunately an ER is not the place for a proper gastro workup.

Have you thought to see a Dietitian while you are waiting for find foods which you might tolerate easier?


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