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IBS-D suffer 40 years

Stellar Devlin

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Quite by accident I found Suboxone 8/2 strips cut in half and used ever third has for the first time ever completely solved my severe IBS-D. 

No idea how other will react but it has been a miracle drug used off lable. 

I've spend decades suffering. Tricyclic antidepressants, two studies at Johns Hopkins in Baltimore and to many dead ends to mention. 

What has always irked me was that we were somehow made to believe certain food, diets where the cause of our ussues. 300,000 million + in the US eat what the want and never suffer like a person with IBS-D. I come to realize all the pain and bloating is not the reason for IBS but a symptom. Anyone who gets a stomach bug suffers the same pain. For what ever reason IBS-D suffers have a fast metabolism. It's that simptom. 

I came across Suboxone accidentally and it has changed my life. I know it's off kable use but it works without any side effects. 

I would recommend the medical community run trials to find out why this medication works so well. I would suggest if you can find a doctor willing to prescribe off lable to give it a shot. 40 years and the past two have been the best in my life being free of this horrible aliment. Nothing I eat not exasperates the condition. I eat what ever I want without fear. I take a 8/2 Suboxone cut it in half and take each half every 2-3 days. Has worked wonderfully for the last two years. 

I hope the medical community takes this seriously and looks into the mechanism that works in this medication. I can stop the medication with no I'll effect other the the IBS-D returning with a vengeance.

.I have a life no. I can go out whenever without the sudden urge to immediately find a bathroom. 

 No idea why it works but it does. If you take full does or half dose every day you may suffer constipation. Simply stop until bowel movements return but ever 3-4 days 1)2 dose work wonderfully. 


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