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I don't know what to do my doctor's here have tried almost everything..


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I've lived with IBS type M (mixed type of IBS)since October 2016 (When I was almost 13 years old. I'm born Jan 2004 so I'm 19 years old today and I'm a girl) but got the diagnosis this year in my journal but they diagnosed me in person 2021..

I live with autism type 2 & ADHD & scoliosis & pretty severe Anxiety and probably PTSD but not diagnosed with PTSD yet.. I can't take care of myself so I live with assistants. And I now have hormonal plasters so I don't get my period because I can't take care of it myself..

The constipations is the dominant symptoms. I've probably had over 300 constipations in total since the start. But i regularly has flare ups and almost can't eat at all... And its either diarrhea or constipations. But constipations has been the dominant symptoms so we treat me with forlax 1 like bag of that per day. Because if I don't take that I will get constipations and they can do that I will not even pass gas for over 20 days in row. Then my period cleared the constipation that time. I tried klyx and microlax but didn't work so we treat me for constipations....

But now I've been in a flare up with diarrhea for over 1 month and I think I have dumping syndrome symptoms from the IBS. Because the lunch i eat comes out with diarrhea after 10 minutes. And now I almost can't eat at all because if I chew or drink much the stomach bloats and hurts like crazy and I feel the food moving inside me... And then it cames out. So I can't eat in peace.😔


I've been to one doctor in the beginning of this flare up (a normal doctor I don't have a specialist to talk to) he gave mig pepparmint oil in tablet form that I'm taking and I've increased the dosage but I don't have either a positive or negative effects from the oil..


over the year we have tried all kind of laxatives and stabilisations and diets.. But nothing works. And I'm selective around the food because my autism so I can't eat whatever diet either.. because I can't stand all tastes and sauces and vegetables... But we have tried different diets like no lactose or no gluten or taking away both even if I've had very few options of food when we did that. but didn't work... I live in Sweden. The doctors don't have any more options.


I'm taking duloxetine for IBS and my anxiety.

I'm taking sleeping pills because I have pretty bad sleeping problems

 I'm taking iron pills (because I have low Iron value in my body)

I'm taking ADHD meds. (Intuniv and low dose of Elvanse).

but my stomach is a hell and I don't know what else to do and my assistants get worried because I almost can't eat but at the same time they don't understand..😔

And I've never met someone with similar symptoms and problems that I have. Most people i know with IBS have mild symptoms 

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Jeffrey Roberts

Dear Lovakatten,

I'm sorry to read your story and that you have lived with constipation for such a long time and now diarrhea. Has anyone suggested testing you for a gastrointestinal infection to rule that out? That might explain the sudden shift to diarrhea.

However, if you truly have IBS it may not be dumping syndrome. IBS has a symptom called visceral hypersensitivity which means your gut will feel irritated and cause everything to move 10-20 minutes after eating along with abdominal pain. Is this what you are experiencing?

Peppermint oil capsules might reduce abdominal pain, but not really diarrhea.

Your medications in general, are complex.

What is your most troubling symptom right now? I would focus on treating that. If it is diarrhea and it is not an infection you can try an antispasmodic medication before meals to ease the visceral hypersensitivity.


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