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Wine, Sertraline and Omeprazole


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Good afternoon

I am on Sertraline 200 mg and take Omeprazole every day, which has been linked to microscopic (less-serious) colitis as well as IBS-D.

Last night, I was celebrating an occasion and had a small glass of Rose.

However, today, I have had very severe diarrhoea and urgency.  I am just wondering if there is some interaction? I feel fine otherwise, and have not lost weight. Just have a tendency to have UTIs!  I am 66.  Many thanks for any insights.

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Jeffrey Roberts

I am not aware of that medication combination and interaction; however, alcohol can be challenging for most people, especially those with GI issues.

Alcohol generally inflames the intestines. Depending on whether you had the alcohol with food or without, it can easily produce loose stool and urgency.

I hope you recovered from that evening quickly.

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I completely understand and I’m sorry you are going through this. Every time I drink alcohol I feel the same way every time. And I get frequent uti’s as well and I’m 32. 

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