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Pain almost like an explosion - is it IBS?


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26 year old who's dealt with IBS-D since 7 years old. 

I had it managed decently for a few years but lately life has been very stressful and things have flared back up pretty badly. I also have fibromyalgia and a history of anxiety and recurrant kidney infections which is important to mention for this.


I'm currently having a bad flare of bloating and swelling and upon laying down experienced what I can only describe as what felt like an explosion under my ribcage, mostly on the left side in the back that spread to the right back and as it very slowly decreased in intensity the pain spread forward and down as well. I'm not sure if my ibs is to blame or if my kidneys may be infected again. I also have urinary frequency and pain which I think may be IC but heard IBS can cause similar issues itself.

Anyone experienced anything similar? The pain level was about an 8 or 9 very sharp and lingered and slowly faded down to about a consistent widespread 2.

My anxiety is through the roof about it so sought out this group specifically to ask people with real experience with IBS what they thought as medical resources online aren't specific about and middle back pains caused by IBS from what I could find. 

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Jeffrey Roberts

I'm sorry to read what you are feeling. You might have sought medical help for this already.

Some people do describe that feeling under your ribcage occasionally with IBS; however, I don't know what a kidney infection feels like.

I personally have always attributed this kind of IBS pain with gas and looser stool.

Please let us know if you determined whether this was IBS or an infection.

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