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Well I’m at my wits end. Stressed,depressed and desperate. I’m 41 and have been battling this for over a year IBSD. I was always outgoing and loved life but now I can’t even function enough to keep a job or do anything that involves leaving home. And over the counter stuff seems to give no relief or make symptoms worse. I’m so tired of battling this.

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Hi JenniferLynn,

I am sorry to read that your IBS symptoms are having such a negative impact on your quality of life.

I am very new to this forum and I was hoping to lurk more before making my first post. But, since no one has responded to you for several days, I just want to acknowledge that I read what you wrote and I hope things get better for you soon.

I saw that over-the-counter medication is not helping you. Have you read anything on this forum that gives you an idea about what you can try next to improve your symptoms?

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Jeffrey Roberts

I completely understand @JenniferLynn. IBS can certainly take over your life in a bad way.

Have you spoken to a doctor about treatment options? There are quite a few available now in various forms.

If you could describe your symptoms a little more fully, perhaps we can suggest something you haven't considered.

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Hi, JenniferLyn, I totally get it.  I’ve been dealing with regular flare ups for over 2 years and it has made my depression much worse.  Today’s episode is side by side with a sinus infection and I’m at a complete loss.  Crying, feeling out of control of my own body.  I used to be able to push through physical pain.  Since turning 50, its like I can’t catch a break.   You’re not alone in your suffering!  Thinking of you, sending positive vibes.  Ursula

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