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Severe bloating and gas - Beano is helping

Ken Neg

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My daughter who is 15 years old has severe gas and bloating (and symptoms similar to IBS) for two and half months now.

All her lab tests came normal. since then she was taking Miralax, lactase every day, avoiding gluten and high FODMAP foods. 

She is also under therapy for anxiety. She had a lot of bloating, gas and gurgling stomach noises, which makes her uncomfortable among her friends.  

She had to be in remote school mode as she could not sit in the class without getting severe symptoms and she was very concerned that she will not be able to go to school in person in future too.

About couple of weeks ago she started using beano before every meal and bloating and gas has decreased significantly, and she has been feeling a lot better for now.

She started eating some of her regular foods which does not seem to bother her.

We are hoping that this will help her to take control of her symptoms.

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Ok, thank you. I will check it out. BTW, beano and it's generic version from Walmart is still helping her.

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