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Guidance sought for post stool cleaning

Matt Williams

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Hi there,

hoping someone might be able to provide some guidance or support based on similar experiences. 
3 months ago I had appendicitis and had my appendix removed, upon returning home from the hospital my toilet habits and cleaning routine was fine. I was on a course of antibiotics which dried out my skin extremely, especially between fingers, face and my bum. 
i soon realised after using the bathroom I would clean like normal and have to go back to clean several times over 1-2 hours. I tried to treat it as if it was dry skin that hadn’t healed, such as salt baths, petroleum jelly etc.. But the issue has persisted. 
Does anyone have any advice or similar experiences. 
Thanks in advance 



i should also mention, my died hasn’t changed I eat pretty healthy and exercise regularly. No lifestyle factors have changed. 

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Jeffrey Roberts

Hi Matt,

I honestly have no idea what might be going on. Leaky stool is not uncommon for someone with diarrhea predominant IBS (IBS-D); however, you are not describing any features of IBS-D namely diarrhea or abdominal pain. I don't know what to make of the dry skin.

I would speak to the doctor that removed your appendix or your family doctor to ask about this.

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