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Poo consistency


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Hi, is it normal with IBS to have different consistency of poos in one day? I have had 3 this morning already and the first one was perfect and clean, the second one two and half hours later still firm but smaller and then 20 minutes later it was more forceful and splatty and darker. Thankyou. 

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Jeffrey Roberts

Unfortunately, yes, different stool consistency is a classic symptom of IBS; however, if this is unusual for you and it continues, then you should speak to your doctor about it. There is a wide overlap of these symptoms with other medical issues.

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@MrsSnow Yes, I think what you describe is quite common with IBS. Some people can start out with a slightly constipated bm (say a 2 or 3 on the Bristol Scale) and then follow up with diarrhea.
Also, passing more than one bowel movement a day is pretty classic. It doesn't happen for everyone, but many with IBS do get that.
But if a bowel movement is actually black, then that needs a bit of investigation as it can mean there's some bleeding higher up in the GI tract. So do see the doctor if you get that.

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