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Newly Diagnosed Been Suffering for Years

Jeff Smith

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Not even sure where to start. Hoping to find some support here as Ive exhausted my very patient friends and family. 

been diagnosed with IBSC, but sometimes not sure if its C or D. 

i have rectal bleeding that’s becoming more frequent. Ive had a clean colonoscopy. Doctor said its due to hemorrhoids. But it still makes me very anxious. 

Anyone else with IBS have hemorrhoids that bleed fairly often?

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Jeffrey Roberts

HI Jeff,

I'm sorry that you have been living with this for years. The hallmark symptoms of IBS are changing stool patterns. I completely understand going from C to D.

It is good that you got the rectal bleeding checked out. It's definitely not a normal feature of IBS. Hemorrhoids can be an explanation for the bleeding.

I have heard that some people get that from urgency and trying to force stools to pass.

Has a doctor ever recommended something for the hemorrhoids other than OTC treatments?

As for your IBS-C, there are plenty of options to try; however, you might find the initial D from IBS-C medications pretty uncomfortable before it evens out.

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