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IBS-D after gastric sleeve procedure

Micha in San Diego

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Hello everyone:  I have not been formally diagnosed with IBS, but rather I have read quite a bit about this topic after experiencing currently almost daily IBS-D.  Prior to my gastric sleeve procedure 8 years ago, I had only occasional "episodes," but about 2 years post gastric sleeve procedure, it now occurs 3-4x per week.  It has definitely impacted my lifestyle, such as taking long walks outdoors, making plans that always include a restroom in proximity, having extra clothing to wear with me wherever I go.  It is challenging, to say the least.

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Jeffrey Roberts


I understand how challenging this is. You try and solve one problem only to make another worse.

I have not read about gastric sleeve procedures being linked to IBS-D-like symptoms. The symptoms do overlap with many other conditions and it is always best to discuss this with your doctor.

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