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Low FODMAP diet


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For members on the FODMAP diet, do you avoid all wheat products? It's hard to eliminate wheat completely,

but I'm trying to shift to less bread and more potatoes and other root vegetables.  Has anyone noticed improvement

on this diet?  I'm going to try it again.

Thanks for your reply!

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  • Jeffrey Roberts changed the title to Low FODMAP diet
Jeffrey Roberts

The low FODMAP is not meant to be a permanent diet. Eliminating wheat, potatoes or root vegetables is best done with the guidance of a registered Dietitian.

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Thanks for the clarification.  I am seeing a nutritionist.  I understood I would eliminate high FODMAP foods and then try adding one back at a time

to see how I tolerate each food.

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I am able to tolerate wheat so I have pasta daily on low fodmap. I don’t have more than a serving and it doesn’t cause me issues. I try for gluten free in other things just so I’m not overdoing any one item. 

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Thanks, Healing for your feedback.

I'm working on a balance of soluble and insoluble fiber foods.

It's easier on the stomach if I eat say low-fiber bread or a banana before eating a meal.

Then I eat the protein and the vegetables.  I eat the salad last.

but I realize I need to eat smaller portions of cooked vegetables, say 1/3 of a cup not a full cup.


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