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Rx Xifaxan for Treatment of IBS-D

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In mid April 2023, my gastroenterologist “empirically” prescribed an antibiotic for me, Xifaxan,  which she said “attacks the overgrowth of good bacteria in the small intestines.” After taking for the prescribed 14 days, I have been totally symptom-free for over 2 months. My doctor did inform me that some patients have to take the prescription again if they experience a recurrence of symptoms. 

*On a financial note, my out of pocket co-pay for Xifaxan was $745, AFTER my Medicare covered $1500! So far, a very pricey remedy!

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Jeffrey Roberts

That is wonderful to hear that Xifaxin provide lasting relief. You can repeat Xifaxan 2 times after the initial course. I hope you won't need that for some time. Xifaxan does have a significant financial burden.

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