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Hi all, I just found this forum today and already it has been a godsend with the advice and real stories posted here. I've suffered with IBS for most of my adult life, I'm now 51. I have a doctor who just throws medication at me and I never feel like I get any better. I also suffer from acid reflux and have after a recent colonoscopy was told I have metaplasia of the stomach. It's all overwhelming and a minefield. What might good for IBS, is not necessarily good for acid reflux! I have started using the Monash university app and already I feel like I'm getting somewhere and I have also started taking curcurmin. It's all a start, so thanks everyone for the informative posts. Stronger together!

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Jeffrey Roberts

Hi Louby,

Thanks for joining! I'm glad you found so many stories that relate to you.

The low FODMAP Diet does seem to provide relief for up to 70% of people who attempt it. I'd have to say that it is more inclined for people with IBS-D versus C. Just know that it is not a permanent elimination diet. Adding foods back in with larger quantities is the best situation with the diet.

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