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Hi All

I have IBS-D, suffer with bad nausea but also suffer from chronic tension headaches and some mild depression and insomina, was citalopram and mirtazapine but I have put on over 3 stone and have had enough so I came off the both but the nausea and IBS and headaches got bad and sleep well whats sleep so GP said go back on the mirazapine reluctantly I did but 2 weeks on I have decided I cant stay on this pill, please can someone help, tried Amitrypline, nortriptyline never helped, Prozac helped the depression but not the chronic headaches, tried loads Ihave been looking and alot of people say Cymbalta can been a good one, anyone out there help me please.

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Jeffrey Roberts

Hello moon121167,

I'm sorry that you are dealing with a lot of medical issues.

Nausea isn't usually a symptom with IBS, though some people have it. I wonder if that isn't an upper GI problem that is also contributing to your headaches. I can't speak about the antidepressants for the depression because that gets complicated even for primary care physicians. I can tell you that there was some research done over the last several years looking at the nausea medication Zofran (ondansetron) for IBS-D. That might be something that your doctor might not know about, but could help your IBS-D and nausea.

Here is the study if you want to share that with your doctor:


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once I went back on the Mirtazapine my stomach settled down, my mood is not 100% and nor is my neck/chronic tension headaches , antidespressants do help but I cant stay on this one cause it or either the mirtazapine or  Citalopram makes me gain weight in one shape or form and doing some research its the Mirtazapine that looks like the one.  All I want is something just one pill to help and kepted coming back to Cymbalta seems to pop up alot and was wondering if it could and is it a known weight gain as I need to loose this 3 stone and I hate being so overweight as its not healthly.

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