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Newly diagnosed and feeling overwhelmed


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Hi, I have been recently diagnosed with IBS (a couple months ago). Admittedly I’m not aware of what variant and I really didn’t know there was different variants until reading some of the stories from other users here. I have to admit that I completely underestimated the affects that IBS can have on my daily life (when I am having a flare up). I have seen ads for years on the tv for “IBS medication” but thought it was just like having a slight headache or similar and once you take a tablet or two it will ease off. How wrong I was!! I genuinely never believed that you could feel so poorly and for it not to be something more serious (one of the big C’s). I have to say it’s been a little reassuring reading some of your posts where people mention that they have experienced similar health anxiety during flare ups e.g. doubting that its just another IBS flare up and believing it must be something more sinister. I struggle sometimes to be able to explain to my family what the symptoms are like and admittedly if it was one of them having the symptoms and they were trying to explain to me I dont think I would be able to appreciate how debilitating it can be. I have been trying to practice mindfulness to help with stress and anxiety but I find it difficult when experiencing a flare up. 

Has anyone had any positive experiences with medication for relaxation/anxiety?

Has anyone used painkillers during flare ups to help suppress the pain/discomfort and if so was it prescription based or over the counter? 

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