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Weakness and nauseating sensation before and after emptying bowels


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I have had ibs issues for over 50 years. Some time ago I had a sigmoidectomy due to recurrent diverticulitis. Both conditions were often triggered by stress although dvt is no longer a problem. Currently I am having extreme discomfort and weakness before and after bowel movements. No prescribed treatments have made any difference. 
I have been taking  four sachets of Fibogel a day for several years to provide enough fiber in my diet as prescribed by my GP, although this is 4x the normal recommended dose. I read that xs of this can lead to mineral imbalance. I am still constipated.

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Jeffrey Roberts


Related to your extreme discomfort and weakness after a bowel movement, there isn't a lot of research on this, but I do wonder if this isn't related to your vagus nerve. I don't know much about this. Perhaps something you could discuss with your doctor.

Being still constipated from a lot of fiber supplements might indicate that a prescription medication might be more beneficial. I am not sure what is available in your country.

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