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18 and just diagnosed (please help me)


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Hi everyone, i’m an 18 year old female and have been suffering with IBS symptoms since I was 16. I finally got a diagnosis of IBS_D last week. I start uni in 3 weeks and i’m terrified about making friends. I have a great boyfriend who’s really supportive and understanding but it’s embarrassing having to leave events and constantly scouting out the nearest toilet. It’s really upsetting because alcohol is a huge trigger for me so I can’t attend clubs or freshers events (because who wants to go to those sober? 😂) and I can’t go out to eat either without issues or anxiety about my stomach starting problems. I’ve not been on a date or out for a meal with my boyfriend for months now, i’m 18 I shouldn’t be living life like this. The doctor has prescribed me with anti-cramping medication but it doesn’t really do much in terms of the diarrhea aspect of things, my GP is quite unwilling to help as IBS isn’t serious. Does anybody more experienced with IBS have any tips for me? I just want to live my life in as normal of a way as possible, I feel like i’m wasting my teens stressing constantly.

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Jeffrey Roberts

Dear EGJ,

As you've read in another post, I went through a similar experience in uni. That was a long time ago and a lot more is known about IBS and treating it now. It's not curable; however, you should be able to have a better quality of life. Alcohol bothers everyone, but especially in people with IBS. You are definitely going to have to resist the urge.

I am sorry that your doctor is not very supportive. IBS really impacts everyone's quality of life and, while you won't die from it, you should be better treated so that you can live better.

Has anyone suggested finding a Dietitian familiar with the low FODMAP diet to see if you can identify some foods that are causing more discomfort? Has anyone suggested meeting with a psychologist to try cognitive behavior therapy to help with IBS and anxiety?

There is no magic pill and unfortunately, there are few medications for IBS in the UK. Two that you can try are Dicetel and more recently Ondansetron, which is primarily used for nausea. There are also anti-spasmodics - which you said your doctor gave you.

IBS really takes an emotional toll on everyone, but with the right changes to your diet and with the addition of a proven medication, you can live a more normal life.

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