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Control diarhea, after anoplasty surgery


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I have been suffering from ibs-d for 20 yrs, but recently I had anoplasty surgery after anal stenosis complication from haemorrhoidectomy,  I'm trying immodium for first time , it seems to work fine,  but don't know how to take?  My symptoms ( diarhea) is daily up to 5 times, so how can I use immodium? Daily also? How many tablets? Thnx in advance 

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Jeffrey Roberts


While imodium can be effective, it can also cause you to have constipation, which I'm sure that is not something you want right now. Perhaps you could consider an antispasmodic medication which might reduce the urgency and need to empty your bowels so often. It might be less constipating.

Imodium is recommended to take no more than 16 mg daily. Generally, you take 4 mg at the onset of diarrhea and 2 mg each time you have a loose stool.

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Thanx for your response,  I already tried antispasmodic but with no satisfactory response unfortunately,  my inquiry is about if I can take immodium 2mg once daily on regular basis? For next 2 or 3 weeks, till the surgery wound is healed , As long as its not causing constipation for me , if u have any experience with that , I will be happy to know from you, 

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