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Hi, everyone I'm Jimmy with a terrible gut too

Jimmy L

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I'm new here.  I'm comin out of crisis mode. Been to the ER 2 of the last 4 days.

My IBS is funny. I'm a 63 yr old male very thin.

My guts tend to just turn, unsettled. I don't get diarrhea. mild constipation. 

It's the unsettling that's throws me into a panic attack at times.

I don't throw up. It like my guts are spasmodic & its so upsetting

I have a hellava time distracting myself. I'm on Lexapro for the anxiety & Ativan for breakthrough


I eat like a bird, very little & bland plain chicken, rice, cream of wheat etc..

My panic & anxiety is 99.99% because of my stomach & guts.

What a horrible combination, you wind up in a spiral you can't break. Upset gut fuels anxiety which fuels upset gut.

Back in the 60's my mother was told he has a nervous stomach & belly.

2023 pretty much the same damn thing IBS.

I was looking for a support group in the Bay Area that meets or something.

It's like hey drs ?  If you get my guts under control you solve my anxiety issues as well ! Ya Know.

I'm at my wits end with all this.

It's SO debilitating.

My heart goes out to you all who suffer from this type of problem.

Honestly I feel for ya I swear I do!


Have you had any luck with (Bentyl) antispasmodic ?


God Bless






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Jeffrey Roberts

Hi Jimmy,

I'm sorry to read that you had such a difficult week with ER visits. I am pretty thin too so I can relate. My mother also described me as nervous when I was young. That didn't help when doctor's were labeling me as nervous. IBS is not a nervous disorder. It is a real medical issue with unknown cause.

Anxiety and stress certainly turn up the volume on any medical condition. IBS is no exception.

Are you aware that the FDA approved a Cognitive Behavioural Therapy self-app for treating IBS. It is marketed by Mahana and it requires a doctor's prescription to use it. It might help you better manage your stress. Another option is Regulora which is a gut directed hypnotherapy app. It also requires a prescription.

I think you are beyond antispasmodics to manage your symptoms. While Lexapro and the occasional ativan might manage your anxiety, etc.. they might also be contributing to your diarrhea. Perhaps something like Cymbalta or Remeron might be a better option. Either might reduce diarrhea and also help with anxiety.

If diarrhea is the biggest problem and you don't want to switch from Lexapro, you could talk to your doctor about Viberzi.

I hope this is helpful information,. You are not alone.

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Hey Jimmy L and Jeffery,

I have just read your posts and wanted to say I am very similar! I was told by doctors back when I was 16 that I had IBS as I was constipated a lot etc. I actually never thought much of it nor did it impact my life at all really. However, back in May, I caught a gastrointestinal bug (just severe diarrhoea for 10 days) which led to gastritis. I had severe gastritis and everything spiralled from there really. I was waking up nauseous every single morning and vomiting sometimes and with loose stools, this drove me into a panic/anxiety attack every single morning!! It got so bad that I couldn’t look after my kids and had to go on Sertraline! After a long few months I eventually came right after looking after myself and eating a bit better. I was back to myself, However, the past few weeks have been particularly stressful in work, my eating has been shocking! Haven’t had a dinner in about 2 weeks, have a mediocre breakfast and then nothing for hours on end but then when I do eat it’s rubbish! I thought I was getting away with it but the past few days I’m getting a few anxiety symptoms back. Yesterday I had diarrhoea but still proceeded to eat a full share bag of Doritos with dip, a full share bag of Cadburys buttons and a bottle of Heineken straight after a chicken goujon and garlic sauce wrap. This was all after 8pm last night. I have woke this morning feeling very nauseous and panicky thinking I’m going back to square one. I might also mention I have really bad wind the past 2 days. Haven’t been drinking enough water at all and not sleeping great between having 2 kids under 3.5 years. Would you reckon it’s normal to feel unwell all things above considered? 

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