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Pubmed-Irritable Bowel Syndrome-Like Symptoms in Quiescent Inflammatory Bowel Disease: A Practical Approach to Diagnosis and Treatment of Organic Causes

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Dig Dis Sci. 2023 Sep 11. doi: 10.1007/s10620-023-08095-w. Online ahead of print.


BACKGROUND: Despite achieving remission in inflammatory bowel disease (IBD), persistent gastrointestinal symptoms are common in quiescent IBD. While irritable bowel syndrome (IBS) is commonly diagnosed in IBD, IBS-like symptoms of recurrent abdominal pain and altered bowel habits can also be attributed to a wide range of overlapping gastrointestinal (GI) etiologies and systemic disorders with GI manifestations that often do not respond to conventional IBS therapies. Delay in diagnosis of these conditions can lead to ongoing patient suffering, reduced quality of life, repetition of invasive testing, increased healthcare utilization, and potentially unnecessary empirical escalation of IBD-related treatments.

AIMS: This review provides a practical approach for the evaluation and diagnosis of IBS mimickers in IBD. We summarize the definition, pathophysiology, diagnosis and treatment of the potential etiologies causing unexplained GI symptoms.

CONCLUSION: Overlapping conditions can co-exist with IBD and explain IBS-like symptoms. The diagnostic work-up in this population should be individualized and tailored to the predominant symptom pattern, associated clinical signs and symptoms and predisposing conditions that can be obtained from a detailed history and physical examination.

PMID:37695549 | DOI:10.1007/s10620-023-08095-w

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