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Severe Constipation Troublesome Changes


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Hello. I’ve suffered from IBS-C for years.  Several months ago, things really changed. Started with severe, and I mean severe, constipation last nearly one month. I tried ducolax 2-1, lactulose, amitiza, nothing helped.  I finally started going but for several days it was just hard balls.  I found it extremely hard to pass the stool and it felt like something’s keeping me from emptying, right at the rectum.  I finally went, not without strenuous pushing, but found that everything was oddly formed and coated with a thick mucous with little white pellets, and jelly like red blood.  Almost looked as if the bowel movement took out lining of my colon.  I also have yellow mucous even after I’ve went and wiped.  My belly looks as if I’m 9 months pregnant like my abdomen fills with fluid.  Looking for support. 

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Jeffrey Roberts

That sounds like severe constipation and no doubt very uncomfortable. I think the jelly/coating is mucous which is your body trying to help move things along.

Have you ever spoken to your doctor about IBSRELA, a new medication for IBS-C? It works differently than the rest.

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